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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. Knowing the answers to these important questions will help you make the best possible decision for what is right for you in your search for neuropathy relief.

Things To Know Before Getting Started

My Doctor said there’s nothing that can be done for Neuropathy except pain pills… that I just have to live with it. Isn’t that true?

Great news! The doctor who told you that couldn’t be more incorrect! The most common medications try to help neuropathy by simply masking nerve pain and numbness. Anti-depressants, anticonvulsants, and narcotics prescribed by doctors to help patients live with nerve pain don't do much good. Unfortunately, as they numb the pain, they numb all nerve sensations.

These medications contribute to the diminished sensory perception which may adversely affect balance and gait, including cognitive function. Drugs are not a solution, they "mask" the problem. As a patient’s body becomes used to their prescribed drugs, dosages will increase - and the side-effects will increase also. Up to 95% of the clients who complete our At-Home Neuropathy Program are able to significantly decrease, if not eliminate, their symptoms without drugs or their dangerous side-effects.

How is this at-home program different from other things I've tried?

For starters, both of our doctors/coaches are board certified in neuropathy.  Most providers are the "jack of all trades" and the master of none.  Neuropathy is our specialty.

There are a lot of gimmicks online that claim to cure neuropathy, only to leave the individual frustrated and still struggling with symptoms after the fact. Our clients receive three different, research-proven therapies designed to heal and regenerate nerve function.  We then combine that with the highest quality nerve-specific supplementation and lifestyle modifications to get the best possible results.  While some providers offer one thing here or there that may help, in our program, you get them all giving you the greatest possible chance of improvement. 

What is the success rate?

For 10-15% of people, it will be a total cure!  Neuropathy will be completely gone!

For 5-10% of people, there will be minimal changes. Generally this occurs either due to non-compliance or other previously unidentified physiological complications.

The vast majority (75% +) will experience between 50-80% improvement in symptoms at the end of their program.  Please keep in mind, this is a fantastic improvement!  Neuropathy is a difficult condition and the most popular neuropathy drugs on the market only claim a 32% success rate at decreasing nerve symptoms.  We more than double that and it's all drug-free!

Do the At-Home therapies hurt?

Not at all. In fact, most clients report how good they feel. Some of the therapies can even be adjusted in relation to the intensity setting to deliver optimum comfort. This can typically bring color and warmth back to the feet and extremities as a result of increased blood flow. It also relaxes the muscles, delivering pain relief.

Are there any side-effects?

None. Our approach is non-surgical and does not use any prescription medications. Our at-home program is designed not just to improve your neuropathy, but to make you healthier overall.  Most clients notice more energy, better movement, better balance, and just feeling better overall.  And that doesn't even include your feet feeling better!

Who is NOT a good candidate for care?

If a client is not motivated, not engaged and not willing to take the steps necessary to get the most out of their at-home program, they would not be a good fit. Additionally, if your nerve symptoms started immediately after or within a week of undergoing a spine or lower extremity surgery, then our program is not likely to be successful for you. Our goal is to work only with clients who benefit from this program.

My Neurologist did a NCV test or an EMG test. Do you need those results?

An NCV test records the speed at which the nerve impulse travels a specified distance in relation to the diameter of the nerve and degree of myelination (insulation) on the axon of the nerve. An EMG test looks for electrical activity in the muscle during contraction. EMG tests may help differentiate between nerve damage or dysfunction and neurological disorders.

Both of these tests will confirm what is already known; the nerves are not working properly. Nerves feel things they shouldn’t and don’t feel what they should. For that reason, the results of these tests are not necessary to help us help you.

What to Know About Your Experience

How exactly does the at-home program work?

Our neuropathy coaching program is delivered 100% virtually (online) with ongoing one-on-one consultations with either Dr. Smith or Dr. Irven; both board-certified neuropathy specialists.

As one of our clients, you will receive all of the research-proven, home-based therapies and supplies that you will need to get better.  Your job is simply to implement them and follow the guided program.  It's simple and highly effective. Over the course of your recommended program, we will meet and advise you every step of the way.

How Long Will it Take For My Feet To Feel Better?

Most clients feel improvement within the first few weeks!  It's important to remember however, everyone is different and it will depend on the severity and complexity of your condition. We will work with you closely during the entirety of your program to help you turn your neuropathy around. 

How long does the at-home program last?

You can expect your at-home neuropathy program, including the 1 on 1 sessions with your coach/neuropathy specialist, to last anywhere between 2-4 months, depending on the complexity and severity of your condition.

What is the cost and does insurance cover it?

Please check out our page HERE on Pricing and Insurance for full details.

What form of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Card, as well as HSA and FSA accounts. If you'd prefer to write a check, you're welcome to send one through mail, but please be sure to get tracking. 

How Do I Prepare For Our Sessions?

Please make sure that you are in a quiet, comfortable place.  We will be covering the material and recommendations for the module that has recently opened for you. Have your questions written down and ready, along with a pen and paper for notes.  We want you to get the most out of every meeting together.

I am ready to get started! What do I do next?

Simply click the button below and fill out the brief form on the next page to get started.  We can't wait to meet you!

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