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take control of your neuropathy  and Get your life back!

Far too many people are told that they just have to live with their neuropathy and there's nothing they can do. Ready for some good news?  That is just not true and we have the results to prove it! Neuropathy is NOT a life sentence.

As a client in our at-home program, you will work 1 on 1 with a board-certified neuropathy specialist. You'll receive all of the tools and information that have been proven successful time and again in accomplishing neuropathy recovery,  along with detailed guidance every step of the way to ensure you achieve optimal results.  The way we look at it; your neuropathy success is our success. We're in this together. 

Finally, you can get back to doing the things you love. No longer will you feel hopeless about your condition. No longer will you be held back by the numbness, tingling, burning, cramping, or pain.  Helping people overcome neuropathy is our ONLY focus and achieving it from the comfort of your own home is simply an incredible bonus!

We are your partners on this journey. We’re here to support you and we can’t wait to meet you.

* Dr. John A Smith, BCN, DC, CME
* Dr. Carla Irven (Smith), BCN, DC, CME

Board Certified Neuropathy Specialists

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discover lasting relief with a proven healing approach

By applying well-grounded science and research in nerve health and function, our Board Certified Neuropathy Specialists have converted an already successful in-office treatment program into the most advanced at-home neuropathy program ever.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Virtual Healthcare

video visits nationwide via zoom web conferencing

From our very first visit together, any apprehension about this will be eased, as you will see for yourself just how simple and effective it is to meet online. We understand video conferencing may be very new to some of you, but most of our clients find it be superior in almost every way. It’s literally a “one click” process to consult with us from ANYWHERE. From your computer, your phone, or your tablet. It couldn't be easier!  

Whether you live in Colorado (like us) or any other part of the country, our Doctor-guided, at-home neuropathy program provides a simple, modern solution to your unique situation.

This allows more people (like yourself) to have easier access to proven neuropathy remedies, while relieving the hassle of in-office appointments. If you have any questions about the awesomeness of virtual health, we’re more than happy to answer them for you and walk you through it.

  • Convenience & Comfort

  • Cost-Effective

  • Secure and Private

  • Saves You Time

  • Proven Results

  • No Commuting

  • No Waiting Room

Simple & Proven, advanced techniques to Overcoming Your Neuropathy

  • Remote Neuropathy Treatment Step 1

    Discuss your symptoms with a neuropathy specialist in a Free 15 minute call.

  • Remote Neuropathy Treatment Step 2

    Receive a complete neuropathy severity assessment to determine if you're a good candidate.

  • Remote Neuropathy Treatment Step 3

    Our doctors will discuss your case & come up with strategy to get you the best results.

  • Remote Neuropathy Treatment Step 4

    Get started!  You're now on the path to neuropathy recovery.

  • Remote Neuropathy Treatment Step 5

    Detailed guidance with personal, 1 on 1 sessions every step of the way.

  • Remote Neuropathy Treatment Step 6

    You enjoy a healthy, high-quality life and freedom from neuropathy.

Quote Marks

"When I first started, I had doubts about my improvement for my neuropathy. I had been to many other doctors who advertised that they could help. None of them helped at all. When I saw Dr. Irven’s advertisement, I decided to try again. Thank God that I did because she has really helped me! I am even going on a six week vacation that I would never have considered before beginning treatment."

Charles D.

"There is HOPE for those of us suffering from neuropathy. After 5 weeks of treatments for the burning sensations in my feet and hands, these problems are no longer there. Thanks to my treatments, I no longer have to live with neuropathy pain."

Eileen S.

"I have experienced severe pain in my feet for years; burning, needles, and numbness. I was told by a doctor that there probably was not much that could be done for it. Much to my surprise, I was very impressed with how they approached my situation. I was told that I could see a 70-80% improvement. I can tell you that they delivered. I have no pain in my body and no burning in my feet. Make no mistake, they are the real deal."

Chuck J.

"I have had a very positive experience with Dr. Smith. My feet and toes are not numb anymore! I also now have more mobility in my entire body. I am so pleased with my progress and so glad I found him!"

Marge W.